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Full Version: What's for kai today?
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Fish pie today seeing I haven't had fish in ages..
Chicken satay later with a mix of leftover veges, got carrot cake for afters too..
Leftover fish pie and the last of the carrot cake for afters..
Got a crockpot full of stew cooking away, it tastes and smells good now it's almost done.. There's berry & apple crumble and custard for pyd too..
I'm deciding whether to have some of the leftover stew from yesterday or have the mac cheese I just made, the mac cheese is winning at present..
Roast lambs in the oven, the veges are ready and the mint jelly is made, got a berry & apple crumble and custard made for if I have room for it.. Smile
I just made a sheppards pie and realised there's a meal od stew left in the fridge, so it's stew for lunch and sgeppards pie eirher tonight or tomorrow, more than likely tomorrow I think..
Havibg the sheppards pue I made yesterday, with some grated cheese on top..
Bubble & squeek with some bacon and nice runny eggs too, if I have room there's carrot cake for afters..
Mac Cheese again, I feel like a good stodgy meal today//
Leftover pork & plum casserole today with a berry & apple crumble for pudding..
Roast beef with all the trimmings and horseradish horseradish sauce.. Dominion pud and custard if there's room..
Leftover roast beef wth the rimmings, I'll heat the beef in the gravy, that way I can fool myself into thinking I cooked today, lol, it's a good way to stop the beef drying out too.. Got a berry & apple crumblr and custard for pud too..

ieftover roast beef
I've got a bowl full of mashed potato and mixed veges so it's bubble & squeek day, with nice runny fried eggs and bacon, I may do some fresh myshrooms too..
I got a chicken satay meal I made out of the freezer, that'll get heated in the microwave, then there's a piece of carrot cake for afters..
Ham & cheese toasties I think, it's a lazy day today..
I found a pork & plum casserole meal I put in the freezer last week so will have that kater with a piece of carrot cake for afters..
Corned beef in the crockpot and smelling good.. :_
Corned beeg hash browns and cayliflower with a cheese sauce..
Just waiting for a couple of baked potatoes to cok down, then I';ll stuff them wpth things like sun dried tomato, peooer etc, bover in grated cheese and jave for lunch.. Seeing the oven was on I put in a carrot cake too, so that'll get iced and some will get had for afters..
Bubble & squeek with some bacon and nice runny fried eggs..
Sausages eggs and chips, maybe a piece of carrot cake for afters..
Got a chicken datay meal out seeing I can't be bothered cooking today..
Got a pork & plum casserole cooking, veges are ready to cook..
Cooking up several meals of chic satay at present, so will have some later with the last of the carrot cake for afters..
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