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Full Version: What's for kai today?
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Got a crockpot full of stew and veges, just have to cook some potatoes later..
I enjoyed the mac cheese the other day with bacon, tomato and musgroom I just made some more, will put a nice layer of grated cheese on it later..
I've just put a nice bit of roast lamb in the oven, the veges are ready to cook and mint jelly is made, there's even fresh rosemary on the lamb..
Shepperds pie seeing I've got leftover roast lamb.. Got carrot cake for afters if there's any room left.. Smile
Bubble & squeek with some fried eggs today and carrot cake for afters..
Decided on roast beef today with all the trimmings..
Mac cheese again with extra cheese, bacon, tomato and a few mushrooms..
Leftover mac cheese, there's carrot cake in the oven, the cream cheese is ready for the icing, so carrot cake for afters.. Smile
Got a nice stew cooking in the crockpot, all that's left to do is some potatoes seeing there's veges in the stew..
Roast beef and veges are in the oven, the rest are ready to cook, a berry and apple crumbles made, with the custard ready, methinks I'll need a poppa nap after lunch.. Smile
Got a cottage pie in the oven readu to heat up, I decided a nice layer of grated cheese on top would be nice.. Carrot cake for pud too..
Feeling lazy today so it's corned beef and rabbit food sammies today, might put some avocado in too..
Chicken satay later and some carrot cake..
I got a meal of stew out of the freezer seeing I'm to lazy to cook today, all I have to do is heat and eat..
Pork & plum casserole in the crockpot which should be ready for lunch, the veges are ready to cook too..
Deciding on leftover pork & plum casserole or mac cheese, the mac cheese is winning at present..
Roast lambs in the oven, just got to do the veges shortly, and make mint jelly..
Mac cheese with bacon, tonato and fresh mushrooms and a load of grated cheese on top..
Sheppards pie with a little grated cheese on top to make it a little stodgy..
Leftover sheppards pie and a piece of carrot cake for afters..
I found a mac cheese meal I made up in the freezer, so I'll put some grated cheese on it later and heat it in the microwave..
There's a nice stew in the crockpot, it smells good too, the veges are already in the stew so only have to do some mashed potato at lunch time, I may put a little grated cheese in the potatoes too.. Smile
Leftover stew today once the potatoes are done.. Carrot cakes in the oven and the icing is ready to add once it's cold, so a nice piece of fresh carrot cake for afters..
Roast beefs in the iven, the veges are ready and some berry and apple crumbles kade, as is the custard, yorkshire pud and horseradish sauce are ready too..
Leftover roast beef and veges, I'm deciding whether it's bubble and squeek or cottage pie, bubble and squeek with a few fried eggs and cold roast beef seems god..
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